-Where is the content written? Is it ever off-shored?
Never. Unlike most of our competitors that use offshore writers and possibly edit their content in the United States, 100% of our writing and editing is done by US-based, college-educated content writers and editors.

-When is my content delivered?
Typically, content is delivered once or twice per month; however, all of our packages and services are unique and designed around our clients' needs. We can do an ongoing copywriting campaign for search engine optimization, or a one-time campaign to build new content for your site. We can deliver the content by your deadline, within reason.

-How do you know what to write about? Do I have to provide content?
We simply need topics and/or keyword targets from you, and we will write on whatever subject you desire. If you have something specific you would like us to write about, we are happy to do so. We can also take content you provide and rewrite it to your specifications. Our writers will do the research necessary to build whatever kind of content you need.

-Do you do SEO?
No, we don't perform SEO (search engine optimization). Our sole focus is writing high-quality premium content. We can write user-friendly, search engine-friendly content that will help your site rank high in the search engines. Our content is ready to be optimized, but we always suggest you work with a search marketing firm to perform the SEO campaign for you. If you need help, we can suggest SEO firms we trust.

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