Top 2 YouTube Trends Worth Thinking About

Everyone should know by now that YouTube is a major indicator of pop-culture and Internet trends. It’s always worthwhile to pay attention to what people are watching on this user-generated online video database, particularly as new information is released towards the end of the year. In addition to end-of-year video search stats, YouTube also has some internal trends that online marketers and Internet businesses ought to be aware of. If you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been happening with YouTube in 2011, here’s your chance to get caught up.

YouTube Trends in 2011
1. Live Events
The launch of YouTube Live was announced in April, which completely changes the type of online video experiences that YouTube users are able to have. The new platform integrates discovery tools and live-streaming capabilities in one easy-to-use video viewing application. This means Internet users can use YouTube for watching live events as they are happening, not just for watching old videos that someone has already posted. Some of the most popular live events viewed in YouTube Live so far have been concerts, interviews, sporting events and the lunar eclipse. And we mustn’t forget the event of the century, The Royal Wedding, which was live streamed 72 million times on YouTube alone. Just imagine how many people were watching the event simultaneously on all the live streaming sites worldwide.
YouTube is also making it easier to get creative with another new rollout from the past year, The new page, which was launched in March, makes it possible for Internet users of all experience levels to create their own online videos in a matter of minutes. The application is free and doesn’t even require a video camera since so many laptops and phones have built-in camera capabilities. Features include a video editor and instant access to some of the most popular video creation sites.
These are just examples of two of the biggest trends from YouTube so far this year. We believe it’s always worth taking the time to stay current on trends such as these, because in the world of online marketing and e-business there’s nothing as precious as the latest data.
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