The Results Are In: Google Doesn’t Like Annoying Ads Either

Have you ever encountered a website so littered with ads, you couldn’t tell what was site content and what was junk? Are you a little embarrassed to admit that your company’s website might consist of more pop-ups than substance?

Well, start cleaning up the clutter; otherwise, as Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief Danny Sullivan reported this week, Google might start penalizing you for all those irritating ads.
At this week’s Pubcon conference, Google representative Matt Cutts said that his company is considering using the number of intrusive ads on a site as a factor in that site’s rankings. He noted that Google would look for the things that really matter on a site and whether or not those things were obscured or made difficult to access by too many ads.
For the average Web user, this is awesome news. Hopefully, it means less time spent dodging ads that blare sound or dart around the screen every time you try to minimize them.
This could be great news for businesses, as well, but only if they’re proactive. After all, no matter how strong your website’s content, customers will be instantly put off by too many ads and won’t stay on your site for long. Think of this as Google’s way of helping your company help itself.
Instead of ads, load your website up with fresh, interestingarticles and information. iCopywriter can help you create and optimize content for your site to replace all those junky ads. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone – keeping your Google rankings high and your site visitors happy.
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