FreakyFriday: Weird of the Day – Texting While Walking: Top Ten Freaky Mishaps

By: iCopywriter Senior Editor, Heather Price-Wright

Ok, who are we kidding?  These are more funny than freaky, but we’re in the spirit of Friday the 13th around here.

Earlier this month, as a part-April Fool’s Day prank and part-public service announcement about pedestrian safety in the digital age, Philadelphia installed a lane on a busy downtown street specifically for people who were texting while walking. While the distracted walkers lane stayed only a week, we share the sentiment. So without further delay, we bring you our list:

Top 10 Freaky Texting-While-Walking Mishaps

10. You might not notice a runaway bear, like the man in this video. (It’s ok, we LOL’d too).

9. You might walk into a parade route and be forced to play the tuba in a local marching band.

8. You might fall over on live TV (Uh, yeah, that’s the camera man laughing at her).

7. You might amble through someone’s elaborate marriage proposal.

6. You might walk right into Lake Michigan.

5. You might step in gum, dog poo or worse. (Gross, grosser or grossest).

4. You might end up in a documentary and posted on the New York Times’ website for public mockery. (Take a minute – watch this…you will chuckle).

3. You might fall into a manhole in New York City and land in raw sewage. (A fine piece of news coverage).

2. You might walk right into a fountain at the local mall. (Can’

1. You might get hit by a car and die.

So if you aren’t in the mood for public humiliation, stinky shoes, injury or sudden death by oncoming traffic, we suggest not texting while walking. Seriously.

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