How to Find and Use Images (Legally) for Your Blog

Photo Credit: laffy4k

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and in the visually charged world we live in today, putting images on the content you want your audience to read has never been more important. Web readers are well-known for being drawn to content that can be glanced over and consumed quickly. With pictures, your text is accentuated in a way that makes the page look more visually appealing and less overwhelming when your audience arrives.

With the benefits of adding images to your blog apparent, the question then becomes: where can I find these pictures and how can I legally put them on my blog?

Here are a few places you can look to for help.

  • Creative Commons – Doing a search on creative commons can bring up a host of images that have been approved by the license holder for use on other websites, including blog posts. The majority of these images have Some Rights Reserved, which means you must credit the person somewhere in your post. The Creative Commons engine searches a number of common sites, such as Flickr and Google Images and pulls up the ones that have been approved to be used by the owner. This makes searching for free images for your blog easy and legal.
  • Stock Free Photo Sites – If you have trouble on Creative Commons, you can also look to one of the many stock free photo sites. Some of the most popular sites that offer these images are Stock Free Images, Every Stock Photo and Stock Vault. Similar to Creative Commons, these sites typically ask that you credit the source of the person who provides you with the image.
  • Make Your Own – If you have a bit of an artistic edge but simply do not have the graphic design tools to design your own image for each post, you can use one of the many websites that help you create your own designs online. Two of our favorites are: Motivator, which allows you to create your own motivational poster, and Photofunia that helps you add special effects to your own photographs. You can also have fun with photo apps on your phone, which allow you to manipulate and alter photos with both text and effects.

There are a number of resources where you can find or create images for free to help spice up your blog posts. No matter which option you choose, using images will help to make your website more attractive.

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