What the Collision of Social and Mobile Means for Your Brand

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

With over 74% of U.S. Smartphone users accessing social networks from their mobile device, the collision of social and mobile is clear. The statistics continue to show staggering intertwined social and mobile usage, with 42% of people accessing their social networks daily. These results from a recent survey conducted by internet statistic firm, Compete, show the inevitable interlacing of popular technologies has arrived. Now, businesses who were caught behind are revising their traditional marketing plans to try to keep up with this new way to connect and compete.

But now that you’ve heard and seen the proof in the pudding about how vital social media and mobile marketing are to your success, how can you put it to work for you? Here are a few ways your business can get on board the social and mobile train and stay – literally – in the palms of your customers’ hands.

  • Go real time – With the explosion in popularity of Foursquare and other location-based mobile apps, customers have grown accustomed to sharing their location and experience with their network by checking-in wherever they go. To encourage these check-ins, businesses are using small incentives, such as giving away a discount or free dessert as a reward for the check in.
  • Simplify new connections – Your customers flock to your brand because of similar interests. They typically share these interests with their network of friends who may not know about your brand just yet. Simplify the connection between your customer and the hundreds of business leads they have waiting for you on their social networks by giving them something quality to share. High quality content gets shared by loyal customers and puts your brand in the eyes of the leads you are hot to get your hands on.
  • Encourage offline experiences – Social media does not have to stay simply online or in print. Now, mobile app developers are creating innovative networking technology to allow their attendees check in and find others in the vicinity to meet up with and create real offline experiences. If your business is hosting an event, encourage people to join you offline by promoting it online to your followers and fans.

Social media and mobile technology have undoubtedly converged to create new ways for businesses to connect with new leads and keep current customers engaged on a more interactive, real-time level.

What has your business done in terms of social media or mobile promotions?

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FreakyFriday: Weird of the Day – The Good, The Bad, and The Dangerous of Living a Public Life

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

In less than a decade our worlds have changed dramatically. Now, old flames are being reunited and marriages are being dissolved over the use of Facebook – a service that was in its youth only 8 years ago. The way people interact with each other has shifted to socializing online instead of in person. People are kept up to date on what is happening in a distant friend’s life on social networks instead of on the phone. And while this is a great way to keep people close, it can also expose your world to people you may not have intended.

The following are a few examples of just how public our lives have become with the increased use of social media to interact.

  • Location-based services – With services such as Foursquare that encourage check-ins at local restaurants, shops, or businesses, people are broadcasting where they are for the world to see. While it may be fun to strive to be a mayor on Foursquare, opening up your location to be seen by your friends can be a risk. Imagine letting everyone know that you were at a local bar, only to have your ex-boyfriend show up for an impromptu greeting. There are fun sides to these apps, undoubtedly, but it is important to be aware of who will be seeing your location when you shout it from the social media rooftops.
  • Status updates – Even if you are not using a location-based service, status updates can also provide a wealth of information that divulges sensitive information (think: exposing your new-job search to your current boss), or brings to light that you are on vacation, opening up the possibility of thieves seeing your status and breaking into your home when you are gone. While these are extreme circumstances, they are meant to show that it is important to be mindful of what you are posting and how public your posts actually are.
  • Websites that watch – Today is the last day in a privacy policy poll that Facebook put out to its users on giving a little more leeway on the information they can share about their users. But it’s not only Facebook that is delivering tidbits of information to their users. Google and other websites gather information on where you visit, and what you search for. Your privacy is eliminated as soon as you type in a search query. Don’t believe us? Look at the ads that are being displayed in your direction. They, without a doubt, have something to do with a website you have searched before, or the subject of an e-mail you received.

Exposure is not always a bad thing. However, it is important to be aware of just how public your data is each and every time you hit your keyboard or send an update from your smartphone.

You tell us – Do you worry about your life being overly exposed online? And if so, what privacy measures do you put in place to help stop it?

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Photo credit: Stan020

Google + = Mor Opps for Biz

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

Google+ is one of the newest social networks to explode in today’s online world. Opened up less than a year ago to businesses, many companies are still wondering how they can use it to their advantage. And while they know there are benefits, they simply have not invested the time into creating a quality profile that will target a unique market for non-Facebook users, potentially generating more business and leads. This is a mistake.

Here are four quick ways your business can get started on Google+ today.


  1. Share your content – This may seem obvious, but not enough companies are harnessing the power of sharing their content on networks like Google+. When you post an intriguing piece of information to your website or on your blog, the next step is to find ways to generate traffic so people can dig in to the nuggets of information you just provided. Post links, ask questions and create a stir around the latest topics on your website.
  2. Create contests around your content – Once you’ve begun to create that stir, use it to engage on an even deeper level and give back to your customer base. Create a contest that follows up on a trend or hot topic. For example, a home decor business may post about the latest color trend. Then, they can create a contest to find the most creative use of one of their products using that color. Get creative and keep your customers involved.
  3. Spark a conversation – Go live on air with the newest feature of Google+ appropriately titled, Hangouts. You can now connect more personally with your customers by speaking directly to them. Use this to follow up on a controversial blog post, or to dive in deeper to a blog post that your customers find particularly interesting or frequently ask about.
  4. Get to know your customers – When you post intriguing content, customers are typically compelled to comment and share their opinions too. After all, the Internet is the perfect sounding ground for customers to have an opportunity to say their piece and interact with the brands they love. Use these comments as a way to get inside your customers’ heads and understand what sparks their interest. Then, you can create more using that research and continue driving quality traffic to your site.

Make your content work harder for you. Post, engage and follow up with your customers in this uniquely designed social network to gain more business results and create a more loyal customer base. Are you using Google+ for your business?

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