Monday Must-Reads

Happy Presidents’ Day, iCopyInsiders.

I guess the foremost question on my mind is what Sasha and Malia Obama got their dad for his special day. In this case, a quick Web search wasn’t much help in digging up a good answer. Let me know if you find anything; I feel like somebody at least got him a tie.

However, I did find this interesting slideshow of Presidential gifts by The New Yorker.

The second thing on my mind this very Presidential Monday is the importance of social media and search rankings, which is how we’re starting off this week’s edition of Monday Must-Reads.

  1. AdAge charts how Facebook Graph Search will make it easier to measure ROI on social media, with some tips for optimization. No cheats here. As the Web gets smarter, every search engine will attempt to measure and reward genuine engagement with business-created content.
  2. VentureBeat breaks down ComScore’s Digital Future report. Among the key takeaways: Google still dominates search, but Bing is making slow but sure progress. LinkedIn and Twitter are neck and neck for unique visitors.
  3. TechCrunch picks this up from the ComScore report: 3 in 10 paid advertisements are never seen by customers. Considering that 5.3 trillion ads were shown in 2012, that’s a lot of ads that never saw the whites of a customer’s eyes. Don’t neglect your organic search marketing, folks! Connect with the people who are actually trying to find you.
  4. I have a few blogs I try to keep regularly updated – not to mention my workload as a freelancer – so trust me, I get that keeping content updated is a daily struggle. MarketingProfs has some helpful tips on how to build content marketing into a business routine. Routine, I would say, is the keyword.
  5. Also on the content side, Reputation Capital presents an interesting roundup of startup founders talking about the value of blogging. They ask a good question: Is it right for every business.
  6. Props to CNET for finding this: Harlem Shake Roulette. You’re welcome.


Monday Must-Reads

By: iCopywriter Blogger Alex Dalenberg

Happy Monday, iCopyInsiders. I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. Of course, if you find yourself behind a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other glowing rectangle today, we’ve got you covered with our weekly reading list.

If you’re attending an Inaugural Ball tonight, you may even think about asking your social media butler to retweet a few of them.

Without further adieu, check out these SEO and copywriting links.

1. We harp on it a lot, but if you want further evidence that social content is becoming more and more relevant to search, HubSpot has a good article about how Bing is adding more Facebook content to its search results.

In other words, it’s a good time to clean up that company Facebook page.

2. Maybe I’m in a social media mood today, but I also liked this piece from Entrepreneur about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for search. You’ve got expertise, but can the people who need it find you online?

3. I initially chuckled at this new series from Copyblogger called The Writer Files, which will feature regular interviews with some of the Web’s foremost content producers. I mean, we’re not exactly The Lives of the Poets. But it’s actually an interesting window into what kind of workflow some of the Web’s best bloggers use.

4. I guess we have to give a nod to mighty Google because this is an SEO blog. Here’s an interesting piece from Slate about how the company keeps its employees happy with the world’s most sophisticated HR department.

5. Finally, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is more than a lazy Monday. I recommend reading (or rereading) Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail or the text of his immortal I Have a Dream speech. His words remain powerful, inspiring and even revolutionary.


Top 4 Reasons You Should Use Linked In for Your Business

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

Sure, most of us have signed up on Linked In and are now using it as our own personal online resume. But if this is all you are using it for, you are missing out. Linked In is helping businesses create their own sort of resume online. It is also being used not only to be found, but to find others. The world of opportunity created by Linked In for businesses is far more profound than most small businesses realize.

Here are four ways you should utilize this powerful social network for your company.

  1. Draw in readers
    Give your brand a boost as a thought leader in your industry. Post links to your blog or guest blog posts that you have written and attract readers to your site. Once you’ve posted quality articles that keep readers interested, your brand will become more established as an expert, and people will soon turn to you for help from your business.
  2. Create a presence
    Get known online by establishing your presence in a professional social network. When you post content that is compelling and sharable, people will spread your name around like wildfire, creating a stronger presence online. Provide value through interesting articles and blog posts, and in return, your online presence will get you noticed.
  3. Use it as a lead generation machine
    Don’t just attract readers to your website or posts. Use Linked In to go out and find people in your target market. Use the Linked In search function to make a personal connection with the people who are most likely to use your product or service. Then communicate with them on a person-to-person level. They will not feel like they are being sold to, but instead, they will be appreciative of the help your company has provided them.
  4. Connect better with customers and clients
    Use Linked In as a way to get to know your customers or clients on a more personal level – a CRM of sorts. Before a meeting, look at their profile and find out where they went to school, or one of their general interests. Use that as an ice breaker in a meeting and you could automatically get a leg up on the competition by showing that you did your homework and cared enough to get to know them before the meeting.

Your business cannot afford to not have a presence on Linked In. Get started easily by hiring professionals to write compelling content for your business that will get you noticed and spread the word about the value you are offering. Then, watch your business take off.

What have you done on Linked In to attract more business?

Have you checked out lately?