Google + = Mor Opps for Biz

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

Google+ is one of the newest social networks to explode in today’s online world. Opened up less than a year ago to businesses, many companies are still wondering how they can use it to their advantage. And while they know there are benefits, they simply have not invested the time into creating a quality profile that will target a unique market for non-Facebook users, potentially generating more business and leads. This is a mistake.

Here are four quick ways your business can get started on Google+ today.


  1. Share your content – This may seem obvious, but not enough companies are harnessing the power of sharing their content on networks like Google+. When you post an intriguing piece of information to your website or on your blog, the next step is to find ways to generate traffic so people can dig in to the nuggets of information you just provided. Post links, ask questions and create a stir around the latest topics on your website.
  2. Create contests around your content – Once you’ve begun to create that stir, use it to engage on an even deeper level and give back to your customer base. Create a contest that follows up on a trend or hot topic. For example, a home decor business may post about the latest color trend. Then, they can create a contest to find the most creative use of one of their products using that color. Get creative and keep your customers involved.
  3. Spark a conversation – Go live on air with the newest feature of Google+ appropriately titled, Hangouts. You can now connect more personally with your customers by speaking directly to them. Use this to follow up on a controversial blog post, or to dive in deeper to a blog post that your customers find particularly interesting or frequently ask about.
  4. Get to know your customers – When you post intriguing content, customers are typically compelled to comment and share their opinions too. After all, the Internet is the perfect sounding ground for customers to have an opportunity to say their piece and interact with the brands they love. Use these comments as a way to get inside your customers’ heads and understand what sparks their interest. Then, you can create more using that research and continue driving quality traffic to your site.

Make your content work harder for you. Post, engage and follow up with your customers in this uniquely designed social network to gain more business results and create a more loyal customer base. Are you using Google+ for your business?

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