Does Your Brand Need a Social Media Mascot?

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

Social media is all the rage in today’s marketing world. It’s free (and who doesn’t love free), it takes only as much time to implement as you put into it and if you create amazing content that people love, your fans do all the work for you.

Sounds easy enough, right?

But there’s more to social media marketing than meets the eye. While it is truly easy, and gives many brands the legs they so desire through viral sharing of their blogs and articles, it is also seen as a platform for people to converse, instead of be sold things. Companies are inherently seen as trying to sell their product or service, which of course they are. But the way in which they go about this on social media has taken a unique and fun turn for marketers.licensed inflatables

Now, companies are using actual personalities to brand themselves. Instead of a logo, people are “friending” a familiar face. It personalizes a corporate entity and can be the easy fix to getting potential customers to work with people instead of large, intimidating enterprises.

Here are a few examples of company personalities on social media that you have most likely seen:

  • Flo’ from Progressive – Her bubbly personality on the television commercials and radio has spilled over onto the Progressive page. Now, fans of Progressive get their chance to get a quote from the ever-excited Flo, who is so clearly passionate about saving you money on your insurance.
  • The M&M family – Every color has its own personality, which we have come to know and love over the years from advertising. Now, on the M&M Facebook page, fans can interact with these beloved characters. Most recently, Ms. Brown is authoring posts with her now well-known charm and sass that the nation seems to love.
  • Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World – This is naturally a personality that anyone would love to have, and one that has caught on rapidly. The brand entertains its fan base with information about what this man can overcome simply by being amazing. And more than that, fans put up their ideas of what the most interesting man in the world can accomplish. The character is engaging and memorable for the next time they are out at the bar or buying drinks.
  • Planters Mr. Peanut – The brand has chosen to use its classic top hat-wearing, sophisticated peanut as its social media mascot. From the small peanut point of view, Mr. Peanut happily entertains fans with his information and wit about all things from golf to contests.

Personalities and mascots bring out the fun behind a brand and allow companies to create voices of their own that are unique. Memorable and fun, this is becoming the hot way the social media world is headed to encourage engagement.

What are you doing to promote your brand on social media?

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