Top 5 Common Mistakes Made in Company Blogs

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

In the age of social networking and digital marketing, there are few companies who fail to realize the importance of having a blog. Not only is it an excellent forum to engage with customers, it also allows businesses to place keywords on their site in a meaningful format that, when done properly, will be shared on social networks across the Internet providing free exposure to new potential customers.

Yet many businesses are incredibly overwhelmed and do not know where to begin, so they simply throw together what they think a blog should look like without the thought and consideration it takes to build an effective and successful approach. If this sounds like your company, consider if you are making one of these 5 common mistakes.

  1. Too Much Self-Promotion – In spite of the fact that a blog is placed on your website (and be sure the blog URL is connected to your site for ranking purposes), the main intention of every post should not be to sell. Instead, this is your area to shine and give your business a voice. Talk about controversial topics in your industry, or bring up new ways to use your product or service that your customer may not have thought of in the past. Avoid self-promotion and instead provide useful content that delivers value to your reader.
  2. Inconsistent Posts – Do not start a blog without a plan. Design a schedule of how many posts you will put up each week, and stick to it. Inconsistent blogs send a message that you do not care about updating your readers or your website, making trust in your brand weaken.
  3. Long Posts – Have you ever read an article and thought it was running on for far too long? Use lists and bullet points to get your thoughts across in a format that is easy to skim for the short attention spanned web-reader.
  4. No Delegated Content – Putting the job of writing and managing a blog solely on the marketer in your company is not wise. Not only will this add a significant work load to your marketing department’s already very full plate, but it will also cause the blog to falter because it will not receive the focus it deserves. Outsource blog writing to professionals who can create compelling content and deliver it in a timely manner.
  5. Same Story, New Post – Almost as bad as drawn out posts is post after post that have nothing new to share. Keep your content fresh and avoid being dull by using an outside service to help generate ideas and create the content for you.

Your company blog can be a great asset, but if it is not done right, it can also cause your business to lose loyal website visitors and an inexpensive form of marketing to potential prospects.

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3 Reasons You Need a Blog (and Why Fresh Blog Content Matters)

By: iCopywriter

You’ve probably already been told that your company, whether it cleans carpets, prepares taxes or trains sea lions, needs a blog. Maybe you’ve even got one – complete with content as old as the Internet itself. In which case, of course, the blog is all but useless. In fact, it’s probably even hurting your site rankings.

Having a company blog is important, but it’s not enough. In addition to just having a blog, you must maintain it, with fresh, relevant and lively content posted on a regular publishing schedule.

To find out just how important fresh blog content is, we checked in with our go-to SEO experts at one of our favorite performance Internet marketing and advertising companies, LSF Interactive, to see what they had to say.

Said Hamaid, LSF’s Senior Project Manager for SEO notes, “The time and age where content was just another instrument to improve rankings through repeated submissions is long gone. The search engines have gotten smarter and today, only unique content prevails. Unique quality content is not only good for search engines, but it’s also good for users. Content must be seen as way to captivate and convert your visitors more than a tool to rank.”

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons you need a company blog, and more importantly, fresh content posted to it.

  1. Interaction With Readers. Everyone knows that the best part of a juicy blog post is the comments section. Whether your posts are stirring up controversy or answering questions about your industry, a blog is a great place not just to talk to customers, but to get them to talk back. And the way to achieve that wonderful back-and-forth is to give your blog readers new, compelling content that they can interact with and comment on regularly. LSF’s Director of Social Media, Fumi Matsubara, gives us the low down: “A regular publishing schedule turns readers into loyal readers.” The least you can do is give those loyal readers something new to share and respond to!
  2. Opportunity to Share What Your Business Does Best. A blog is simply the best way to share the collective wisdom of your company or organization with the customers you serve. From tips on how to care for pets at home from a veterinary office, to fashion advice from a local boutique, there are so many skills, insider tricks and tidbits of wisdom your business has to offer. Regularly producing fresh blog content is the perfect way to get that information into the hands of consumers, and to have them remember your business’ name and function.
  3. Search Engine Rankings Boost. From an SEO standpoint, regularly generating new blog content is simply a must. Notes Matsubara: “Publishing new content on regular basis will help increase the ranking of your website that the blog is attached to. (Meaning, the blog needs to be located at your domain, not on a third-party URL). This is primarily due to the search engine seeing that the blog’s URL is indexing the same as the main website, and associate(ing) the two together. The majority of websites are static, meaning they are not updated regularly. If you think from that perspective, updating your blog, even once a week, can improve your website’s ranking.”

So what are you waiting for? Dust off that old company blog and breathe some life back into it! Your search rankings and, most importantly, your loyal customers will be the better for it.

Need help? We’ve got you covered…iCopywriter’s seasoned bloggers and project managers can help you with everything from brainstorming and researching topics, to creating and managing your publishing schedules, to writing and editing your copy. We’ll even write a free sample blog for you.

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