4 Ways Content Marketing Keeps Customers On Your Site Longer

By: iCopywriter Blogger Kimberly Crossland
Your website is your storefront on the Internet. And just like a brick-and-mortar store, you want to keep prospective customers in your store as long as possible. The more time your customers spend on your website, the higher the chances are that they will make a purchase.

Content marketing has taken the digital marketing world by storm for good reason. One of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand online for longer is content. The more valuable information you can provide, the longer you will keep your prospects and customers engaged, and the more likely they are to ultimately perform the action you are driving them to do.

The following are four ways you can improve your website to keep customers staying for longer.

1.     Break up content on multiple pages – If you have a long blog posts or information-rich articles, break them up onto multiple pages. This will get your reader to click to other pages on your site to continue reading and encourage them to continue engagement with your brand even after they are finished with the blog post or article they are reading.
Recommend further reading – Once a blog post or article is finished, recommend further readings that are similar to the content your reader just consumed. This will not only keep them on your website, but show that you have more expertise as a brand and thereby establish you as an industry leader in your field.
Link keywords internally – Throughout your content, link keywords to other articles or blog posts that you provide on your site. Linking internally can drive customers to other content that you have developed and keep them engaged.
Embed interactive features – To make content more dynamic, add videos or slideshows. This will keep your customers on pages for longer. A recent study by research firm Ooyala states that approximately 40% of viewers who tune in to online videos on computers or laptops, do so for as long as 6 minutes. This percentage goes up with videos on tablets and smartphones as well. This is a significant amount of time to keep customers on your website and improve their experience.

A combination of informative written material, driving customers to other content, linking internally, and adding dynamic features to your site will keep your customers on your website. This increases the likelihood of social sharing, as well as the chances that they will purchase from your company when they are ready.

What else have you done to keep customers on your site for longer?

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