FreakyFriday: Weird of the Day – Boston May Allow Voter Registration Via Facebook

By: iCopywriter Senior Editor, Heather Price-Wright

In order to reflect its status as what Boston City Council member Tito Jackson calls “a high-tech city,” with local Facebook and Microsoft offices, the city is considering allowing its citizens to register to vote via Facebook, according to unofficial Facebook blog AllFacebook.

An app called MyVote, which is already used in Washington State, lets would-be voters sign up through their Facebook pages. The app was developed by Microsoft, with help from Facebook employees.

According to Jackson, the cost of registering a voter on paper is $0.08; it would cost just $0.03 to do so online, meaning savings for the city.

Jackson also notes that Boston should make it as easy as possible for people to register to vote, and we at iCopywriter are inclined to agree.

No mention of privacy or identity verification issues was made, but we’re sure those considerations have been taken into account, or will be as the details of the program are ironed out.

What do you think? Is registering to vote via Facebook a great and über-convenient idea, or does the whole thing sound a little loosey-goosey?  Let us know in the comments!

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