SEO Guru Blog – Part I: The Benefits of an SEO Copywriter & SEO Agency

We’re giant nerds for all things copywriting and SEO here at the iCopyInsider blog. Turns out we’re not alone. To get another take on those burning SEO questions that businesses face everyday, we turned to some of the amazing project managers we know at a couple of our favorite SEO firms.

We wanted to pick their brains about what it really means for businesses to dive into the giant, sometimes overwhelming world of search engine marketing.

Needless to say, it was a long conversation, so we’re splitting the results into several parts. Up first, three SEO questions every business should know the answer to.

And so, without further adieu, your expert panel of SEO gurus:

Fumi Matsubara, Director of Account Services at Geary LSF Group

Miguel Salcido, CEO of Organic Media Group

Jenna Allison, Account Services Manager at Geary LSF Group

And here’s what they had to say.


Q: What is the most misunderstood aspect of SEO you find when speaking with clients?

FM — Meta keywords.

“Most major search engines ignore these Meta tags, so there is no sense [in] spending too much time on this. They were useful back in 1999, but they are virtually extinct in terms of ranking factors in this day and age.”

MS — ROI is long-term.

“What people do not realize is that SEO almost always has an ROI, eventually. It may take two years but you will earn your money back because there is equity in every search position that you can gain. That means long after you’ve stopped paying that SEO consultant or agency, you’ll be reaping the benefits of the traffic they grew for you.”

JA — It takes patience.

“It can take anywhere from three to nine months to see any progress for your traffic/conversions/keyword rankings. It’s sometimes hard for a client to see why we are doing certain things to their website, like content re-writes, title and Meta tag description updates and then not see immediate results, especially if they are also doing paid search, where you can see changes almost instantly.”

Q: In your opinion, does every site need to hire an SEO agency or expert?

FM — Yes.

“This will free you from the time-consuming work of understanding search engine algorithms, which allows you to focus on what’s most important to you: your business.”

MS — If it’s the right fit.

“If you are a small bakery then you may be better off with PPC or Facebook ads because you may only have a few hundred dollars a month to spend on online marketing and because chances are there is not much search volume for your target keywords. But if you have the budget, then you should absolutely hire an expert. SEO is so specialized that it’s tough to build an effective in-house team.”

JA — Absolutely, even for simple stuff.

“Even if it is just doing something as simple as making sure you don’t have duplicate content on your pages, this will help you. Google has pushed out more algorithm updates in the past year than we have seen in the last several years combined, making the ‘rules’ of how you should be running your site much more specific.”

Q: What is the importance of the actual writing component in an SEO campaign?

FM — Unique content is critical to high search rankings.

“Time and time again, we see clients’ sites littered with content that has been borrowed from here-and-there to create Frankenstein pages of content. If brands think they can get away with copy-and-pasting content from another company’s website or blog, think again. Your website should always have original and unique content. We see that companies that invest in good content not only rank well, but also have high engagements and conversions.”

MS — Excellent content means more sharing.

“You have to produce great content that people are engaged with and want to share. That is the way to increased branding, links, and traffic.”

JA — SEO doesn’t work without great writing.

“If you just put a bunch of gibberish on a page with a link, Google is smart enough to realize that you are trying to cheat the system by just putting a bunch of links out into the universe without making the content beneficial to anybody. Make sure you look into using a copywriting team if you don’t think you can handle creating a good piece of content on your own.”

Stay tuned for Part II of our Guru Blog. Check out iCopywriter for YOUR online content needs.  

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