Fresh Content: The Big Winner in Google’s New Algorithm

Have you been wondering whether consistently adding fresh, SEO-friendly content will really draw more eyes to your company’s website? While the evidence has always been there, the roll out of Google’s latest algorithm update offers a resounding, “Yes!”

The new algorithm, which reportedly affects 35% of searches, focuses more on the “freshness” of content rather than on past updates. And based on an analysis from Searchmetrics, which has accurately projected the effects of past Google algorithm updates, the focus on freshness is working.
Searchmetrics’ list of winners and losers from the most recent changes shows a clear trend. Whether brands, news sites, video portals or even government sites, the “winners” all have one thing in common: they have new, engaging content for their site visitors – always.
The kinds of sites that will come out on top in this algorithm shift vary, but they include several major, recognizable brands, such as and Celebrity gossip sites, like and, should also see boosts, as should news sites, such as and Unsurprisingly, video juggernaut should also benefit, along with other video sites, like
Visit any of these winning sites, diverse as their offerings and purpose are, and you’ll see one thread in common: fresh, lively content that’s updated almost dizzyingly often.
What does this mean for your company’s website? Only good things, it seems. Stocking your site with new, SEO content will make more of a difference than ever in your ratings. That’s why choosing iCopywriter is a great idea for your business. Our team of college-educated, SEO-trained writers and editors keep constantly up to date on the latest trends in Web copywriting. We can provide the fresh, relevant content you need to stay on top or climb higher. With iCopywriter on your side, Google’s newest algorithm looks like a win-win.
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