How to Target Your Content for the Right Audience

What is B2B versus B2C? And has the line between the two blurred?

Some of us are doing business differently these days. And because of this, we’re standing apart from the crowds. It’s not just that timeframes from thought to launch have shortened or that interactions have become more transparent; there’s also a marketing push that demonstrates how many of us are returning to key and core values of doing good in this world. We’re looking for genuine voices, integrity and innovation that move toward more conscious contributions for the greater good.

Because of this, traditional means of creating distinctive messaging for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) audiences have begun to shift toward a style of communication that focuses on person-to-person above anything else. No matter how large an organization becomes, every team is still comprised of individuals who have feelings and perceptions, which often prove to be subjective.

Start by understanding what audience you’re aiming to reach to adjust the tone and subject matter accordingly. From there, create with authenticity and focus less on pushing sales than fostering value-added relationships. By sharing your perspectives and expert advice, you are actively helping to foster long-term outcomes.

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4 Expert Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Content Shareable

Being a writer is tough, but you already knew that.

Devoting one’s life to words and self-expression has been risky for a long time, and thanks to the Internet, scribes must also write everything with “viral” potential in mind. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge or war to win page views, though. If you write something good, you should want people to read and share it. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Include an eye-catching headline

BuzzFeed and Upworthy have mastered the art of publishing intriguing headlines, and though their similar brands don’t appeal to everyone, these sites know how to grow their audiences. All of your pieces of content must have interesting headlines, because with the amount of content circulating around the Internet, readers don’t won’t waste time clicking on a headline that just doesn’t seem that exciting. Tell users right away why they should be reading your content, and keep the headline as crisp and tight as possible. The faster you can get your message across, the better. Facebook used to be about sharing college-related content, but now it feels like a BuzzFeed subsidiary, which reveals how an intriguing headline can shape and dictate media outlets.

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2014 Content Marketing Predictions

Content marketing has been part of the online landscape for years, but until recently, it wasn’t exactly a hot topic. This started to shift in 2013, though, with content marketing becoming increasingly essential to the survival of brands in the online space. Now that 2014 is underway, the content marketing experts are making their predictions. Here are a few worth paying attention to:

Content Quality over Quantity

Content marketers should embrace higher-quality content as opposed to larger quantities of it in 2014, according to Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships. It’s time to take a more strategic approach to the marketing efforts designed to drive sales and lead acquisitions. “We’ll see brand marketers create content brands designed to build subscription-based relationships with a loyal audience,” says Davis. “Subscriptions that demand higher-quality content, delivered consistently and shared widely.”

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5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement through Wicked Content


You are your best brand, your greatest advocate and your own specialized expert. In a world where technology is moving forward at exponential speeds, notice how often the success pendulum now swings the other way – old school is becoming new school.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, has said that the amount of content we’re producing in this day and age is essentially replicating everything we’ve ever created around the world since the beginning of mankind … every 48 hours.

While we live amidst innovative social media and technological tools designed to facilitate genuine connection, many individuals are still yearning to be seen, to be heard and most importantly, to be valued.

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7 Great Reasons to Hire Professional Content Writers

Maintaining a blog or other business content seems simple enough: You write a few informal yet educational paragraphs, include a photo or a video and then upload. But as anyone who has run a professional blog or website will tell you, there’s a great deal more to it. If you want to get a lot of traffic to your site, you’ll need to know how to make your page a top search hit. If you want to engage readers, you’ll have to know what makes an article interesting and not just informative.

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