Boost Your Bing SEO with These Simple Tips

By: iCopywriter Blogger, Kimberly Crossland

It is clear that Google is the clear focus for many businesses when it comes to SEO strategy. After all, they currently hold nearly 65% of the market. But for many companies, the value of Bing is understated. According to Experian, Bing currently holds 28% of the search engine market. This is up 5% in only the past four weeks alone making it a legitimate game player when it comes to the SEO field.

How can your business get on board with this up-and-comer and stay ahead of the curve? Here are a few tips for Bing SEO.

  • Include your keywords in your title tag – This should not be too difficult because many businesses already do this for their Google SEO. However, Bing puts far more weight on the importance of this in their algorithm than Google, so focusing on it for every page, article and blog post can potentially boost your rankings quickly.
  • Don’t discount flash so quickly – There is a lot of buzz in the industry surrounding Flash websites vs. HTML5 and the importance of switching your website over from Flash just to make up for Google’s seemingly dislike for this technology. But Bing is more Flash friendly and having your site with Flash may actually help your rankings on this search engine.
  • Link love – For both Google and Bing, inbound and outbound links alike are important. Continue to work toward obtaining these valuable links through guest blog posts, articles and more and you will boost your Bing rankings, as well as your Google rankings for an all-around positive SEO strategy.

We think Bing is a search engine to watch. By focusing on their SEO strategies, which do differ slightly from that of Google, you will have a leg up on the competition and ultimately earn more results from the web as a whole in the long run.

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Photo Credit: Michperu