Are You Pinterested?

In a recent piece for the WashingtonPost, columnist Petula Dvorak conjures up a sensation with which many people are no doubt becoming familiar:

She describes attempting to log onto new social media darling Pinterest simply for research purposes, only to become lost in what she describes as “the site’s churning cycle of interest, hope, inspiration, jealousy, desperation, despair and depression.”
She’s not the only one – and don’t worry, neither are you. According to her column, Pinterest saw a staggering 11 million unique visitors last month alone. And its path to such viral success has been positively meteoric: Dvorak writes that Pinterest may have hit 10 million users faster than any other social media site.
However, in her column, Dvorak also referred to the site, which is basically a virtual pin board for photos and inspiration for everything from recipes to home projects to dream vacations, as “digital crack for women.” Digital crack? Hmmm…
Some online commenters and fellow columnists, including the Washington Post’s own Katie Rogers, wondered at that descriptor, and so did we. All 11 million visitors in January couldn’t possibly be women looking for wedding dress ideas, or “compiling a virtual hope chest,” could they?
So we ask: Are you using Pinterest? And if so, what for? Is it, as Dvorak claims, a space where mostly women share ideas for mostly very stereotypically feminine interests, like crafting and nuptial planning? Or is it more diverse than that? What are you pinterested in?
Have you checked out lately?


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