80,000 Blogs & Sites REMOVED from Google’s Index…Was Your Site a Casualty?

By: iCopywriter

Over-Optimized Sites Penalized by Google’s Recent Algorithm Update

If you’re looking for a reason not to go DIY on your company site’s search engine optimization, look no further. Last month, Search Engine Land reported that Google would begin penalizing sites for “over-SEO’d” or “over-optimized” content. Soon after that announcement, as SEOmoz’s recent follow-up notes, thousands of sites were removed from Google’s index – in other words, became unable to find via the leading search engine. Of course, not being searchable on Google spells imminent doom for sites in today’s day and age of virtual search dominance by that company.

Confused? Wondering how this affects you? Read on to learn more.

Wait, What Happened?

Basically, Google updated its algorithm in March so that sites with unnatural or excessive optimization and linking would be penalized. As a result, SEOmoz reported that somewhere in the ballpark of 80,000 and counting blogs and other sites were de-indexed, meaning they were removed from Google’s search results. Most of those blogs were low quality and stuffed with unnatural optimization that, as Google put it, violated its Webmaster Guidelines, but some of the sites that were de-indexed were of higher quality and had issues like too many site-wide backlinks, according to SEOmoz.

What Does This Have to Do With Me?

If you’re planning on doing your own search engine optimization (SEO), this has a lot to do with you, and should be a cautionary tale about leaving the optimizing to the experts.

Sites that attempt to SEO-ify without professional help and input risk the same penalties that thousands of blogs began facing in March, when their self-SEO efforts got them bumped from Google’s index.

Search engine optimizing takes a light touch and a firm knowledge of best practices; do it wrong, and the risks are high, especially as Google becomes more and more canny to amateurish SEO.

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