7 Great Reasons to Hire Professional Content Writers

Maintaining a blog or other business content seems simple enough: You write a few informal yet educational paragraphs, include a photo or a video and then upload. But as anyone who has run a professional blog or website will tell you, there’s a great deal more to it. If you want to get a lot of traffic to your site, you’ll need to know how to make your page a top search hit. If you want to engage readers, you’ll have to know what makes an article interesting and not just informative.

Here are seven great reasons to hire professional content writers:

  1. Their business is one of words: If you needed someone to fix your computer, you wouldn’t trust it in the hands of just anyone. Instead, you would find someone with the expertise to ensure the best possible service. The same should be said for your company’s content. The content on your site is an extension of your marketing campaign, so you should put it in the hands of people who have built a profession in business-focused writing.
  2. They have an understanding of SEO: Search Engine Optimization might seem like just the phrase of the moment, but it’s vital to creating content that will appear in a search inquiry. SEO refers to key phrases and words Google uses to organically find results whenever someone carries out an Internet search. It’s not simply about padding a blog with buzzwords; it’s about writing in a way that is conversational and relevant.
  3. Writers work around your schedule: You don’t need to keep your content writers on payroll every month, but can hire either individuals or, better yet, a dedicated content creation firm. This means that you only pay for the content you really need, when you need it.
  4. Outside contributors will bring a fresh perspective: Sometimes, blogs can become dry and dull, but bringing in someone new to contribute content can result in revitalization. A writer brings in a different perspective and can energize a tired blog.
  5. Content writers can give your blog a new edge: Professional writers not only understand the best way to structure a blog or website, but they understand the difference between an average site and an outstanding one. If you want to make your company’s content stand out, a content writer can help create articles that reflect your company’s personality and bring readers to your website.
  6. You can save money: When you’re not wasting precious business hours updating the blog, you can spend more time hustling.
  7. You will save time: When you’re not focusing on generating new content for your company, you’ll be freed up to improve products and services, rather than fretting over marketing.

Business owners, what benefits have you seen when hiring freelance writers? And freelancers, what bonuses do you think you bring to a business?