4 Expert Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Content Shareable

Being a writer is tough, but you already knew that.

Devoting one’s life to words and self-expression has been risky for a long time, and thanks to the Internet, scribes must also write everything with “viral” potential in mind. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge or war to win page views, though. If you write something good, you should want people to read and share it. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Include an eye-catching headline

BuzzFeed and Upworthy have mastered the art of publishing intriguing headlines, and though their similar brands don’t appeal to everyone, these sites know how to grow their audiences. All of your pieces of content must have interesting headlines, because with the amount of content circulating around the Internet, readers don’t won’t waste time clicking on a headline that just doesn’t seem that exciting. Tell users right away why they should be reading your content, and keep the headline as crisp and tight as possible. The faster you can get your message across, the better. Facebook used to be about sharing college-related content, but now it feels like a BuzzFeed subsidiary, which reveals how an intriguing headline can shape and dictate media outlets.

Keep the headlines shareable

No one wants to share a depressing story, and that explains some of the popularity of articles on restoring one’s faith in humanity. Aim to write positive, humorous and playfully snarky headlines for more shareable content.

Include images, videos and GIFs

For better or worse, readers can’t seem to get through many Internet stories without at least one photo, video or GIF. For lengthy content, include many of these things to maintain your readers’ interest. If it’s a serious story, GIFs might not be appropriate, but videos and images can be really beneficial.

Include hyperlinks to back up your arguments and possibly generate linkbacks

Let’s say you write a long, thoughtful post, but fail to include any hyperlinks. Readers might be skeptical of your credibility and other websites won’t have the opportunity to see your linkback. Always include hyperlinks to cite your sources. This could even lead to a friendly professional relationship with the site you’ve linked to. You’ll increase your odds of getting noticed – and by the right kind of folks – by including hyperlinks.

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